Vegetarian Myth Busters

Posted on May 5, 2019
Written by Debbie King MS RD LD

mother-daugher-canning.jpgThinking about becoming a #vegan, #vegetarian, or switching to a #plant-based eating plan?

Do questions like this pop into your head?

  • Can I get enough protein?
  • Will my bones stay strong if I just eat plants?
  • Do vegan children grow properly?
  • Does soy cause breast cancer?

Discover the science based information that will inspire you to start creating vegetarian meals. Bust the myths — by downloading Vegetarian/Vegan Myths (PDF)  It provides information on how plant-based diets provide all the necessary nutrition for healthy diets free of animal food sources.

Already a #vegan or #vegetarian and want additional information about planning meals? Check out our FREE downloadable Resources on healthy meatless eating for all age groups.