Strategic Plan



Empower members to be the leading authority on evidence-based plant-based nutrition for health professionals and the public.


Foster planetary health and an equitable and sustainable future through influential policy, research, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Goal 1: Strengthen the framework and governance of VN to ensure the long term viability of the DPG.


  1. Forge an effective leadership team, capable of adapting to future opportunities and challenges, through the development and retention of leaders and collaborating and
    partnering with internal and external partners (e.g., Academy leadership, DPGs, MIGs,
    Affiliates, Network Affiliates, other organizations).
  2. Review strategies annually to align to both research and best practices associated with the most current evidence and to VN Mission and Vision.

Goal 2: Position VN DPG as the principal resource within the Academy on plant-based nutrition.


  1. Participate in opportunities, offered by the Academy and within the Academy, that would position the VN DPG, as an organization, as the subject matter expert to influence food, nutrition, and plant-based nutrition policy. 
  2. Support Academy goals that overlap with VN goals to build and foster strong relationships between the Academy and VN members through outreach, support, and engagement.

Goal 3: Empower VN DPG members to serve as subject matter experts on plant-based nutrition and intensify public policy and advocacy. 


  1. Cultivate a growing diverse membership through active retention and recruitment to include all members regardless of dietary preferences to promote professional competency in plant-based nutrition.
  2. Increase engagement through technology (e.g. media and/or social media platforms) to promote member’s access to research and resources.
  3. Encourage VN members to participate in speaking, writing, advocacy, and outreach opportunities that position them as subject matter experts and provide evidence-based resources as needed with key stakeholders.
  4. Promote VN members to engage legislation in identified plant-based nutrition interventions to influence policy beneficial to plant-based nutrition.
  5. Leverage VN members as subject matter experts to aid the community through education efforts in plant-based lifestyle choices.