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Learn about Japanese New Year's Eve "Ōmisoka"

Written by: Sahra Pak, MS, RD, DipACLM, NBC-HWC Hotmail Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor 

Sahra is a non-diet, weight-inclusive, plant based registered dietitian who is focused on providing whole person care for all body sizes and diet and lifestyle preferences. She currently works for a telehealth company providing nutrition and lifestyle support to patients from various demographics and backgrounds such as those who work for Walmart to Google. In addition, as a nationally board certified wellness coach, Sahra is also inspired to focus on the strength and self-efficacy of those she serves and is awed daily by the wisdom of patients own body messages and internal knowing. 

Read about Japanese New Year's Eve "Ōmisoka": Traditions of cleansing and welcoming the New Year

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