Rita K. Batheja, MS, RDN, AFMCP, CDN, FAND

Rita is Integrative and Functional Medicine RDN in private practice. Want to make a difference by being different. I am seasoned RDN with many interests. In the field of Nutrition for over 4 decades. Want to make dietitians life easy by influencing policy changes meeting policy makers personally and be effective. Have positive expectancy  all the time, Find solutions and express gratitudes to academy staff for their hard work behind the scene for all of us and volunteer leader's  invaluable time. Value each member for what they contribute to elevate our profession. Originally Rita is from India.

In my younger days in India, Diwali meant new clothes, eat favorite sweets and send a box of sweets to family & friends. Though cleaning of the house, house was decorated with special pretty small lamps, firecrackers, and Laxmi Pujan (worship the goddess of wealth and beginning of the New Year).