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Breakfast on the Go

By Kaylen Hickman posted 01-14-2019 23:00


Research shows that children who eat breakfast are able to

  • Pay attention in the classroom
  • Follow directions
  • Solve math problems.

But, who has time to sit down and eat breakfast?  Children barely manage to get ready in time to catch the bus in the morning and breakfast is the least of their priorities.

The solution is planning ahead. Create grab and go breakfasts that save time, reduce stress and nourish the morning rush hour. Create one of these breakfasts that will last until lunch time with whole grains and a source of protein.

  1. Muffins: Bake the homemade Blueberry muffin recipe below on a Sunday afternoon.
  2. Wraps/rolls: A handheld breakfast can be eaten on the way to school!
    • Take a whole grain tortilla;
    • spread natural peanut butter or almond butter;
    • Add a banana and roll it like a burrito.
  3. Stuffed sandwich: These can be made the night before and warmed up in the morning.
    • On the weekend prepare scrambled tofu.
    • Use two slices of 100% whole grain/sprouted grain bread and fill it with scrambled tofu.
    • Press in a Panini grill or an electric sandwich maker to make sealed toasted sandwiches.
  4. Smoothies: A perfect breakfast to carry in a cup with a straw. Place in a blender fresh or frozen fruit, soy milk or your choice of yogurt and blend.  For a green smoothie add a handful of spinach or kale.  Avoid sugar overload by making smoothies made with just fruits and vegetables.
  5. Chia Pudding or Yogurt topped with fruit and nuts: Engage your children and prepare individual servings the previous night, then everyone can grab their own container in the morning.